Change is afoot in my life. I can feel it. Strolling home after my morning’s workout at the local community center, I passed the Grand Opening of a spanking brand new very posh looking gym. I love my community gym but thought, “Why not? I’ll take a tour. Maybe the newness and chic feel of this new gym will inspire me. Maybe this is just the thing I need to take it to a new level.” As the guide is taking me through and introducing me to all the amenities, she stops by the trainer/fitness desk. She mentions that I’ll be entitled to a complete and total fitness evaluation, testing my flexibility, my endurance, my heart rate, etc. “All we ask is that you come in for your evaluation caffeine free…” I stopped her right there. “Um, that’ll never happen.” I feel a renewed sense of love and devotion to my community center gym.

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  1. Shiu says:

    Fabulous! Did you know that I’ve been caffeine-free for over a year now? Ironically, I haven’t been to the gym for just about the same amount of time. Interesting…

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