Night School

I found myself popping into Whole Foods at the Time Warner Center late tonight to grab a carton of milk. (I’ll need it in the morning for my…you know what.) I was wandering blissfully past the coffee section when I saw…oh, the horror! A lovely but obviously hurried couple was using the self-service grinder. When they removed their bag too quickly, coffee grinds began to fall in a heap all over the floor. Oh dear, all that lovely coffee…wasted…never to see the inside of a cup.

Okay! I AM the coffee virgin here. I’ll admit it.  I was equally horrified by the thought of having to use the self-service grinder. I haven’t got a clue!!!!

Undaunted but in the spirit of stretching beyond my comfort zone, I decided to learn. I picked a lightly roasted Kenyan coffee, fruity with a light chocolate tone.  (Can you believe I actually am beginning to tell the differences? This is so exciting! And boy did this coffee smell great on the bus ride home!) Then I bravely turned to the girl behind the counter and explained my predicament. She was delighted to help.  We then talked for a good 10-15 minutes about coffee. She taught me how to use the grinder, about the different roasts and grinds, about the benefits of different pressing styles, etc. Thanks Christine! 

Coffee people are just so nice. 


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  1. Naomi says:

    Looks good so far.

    1. Mormon Girl says:

      Thanks Naomi!

      Not only is the coffee a new adventure for me, but so is blogging…er, okay, basically using the computer.

  2. Robin says:

    *takes a deep breath and thinks about the heavenly small of fresh ground coffee* YAAAA I love that smell.

    I linger ever so slightly on that isle in the grocery store. I’m not a coffee person personally. Perhaps I should try what others have done and brew Chocolate nibs. I hear it’s divine and I know a great little company to buy them from. Amano Chocolates.

    Go Mormon Girl!

    1. Mormon Girl says:

      Thanks Robin!
      I’ve had this chocolate and it is yummy and dark! For anyone interested, (all Mormon non-coffee drinkers should rush out and get themselves a legitimate indulgence) here’s the link Amano Chocolate.

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