I’ve tried! Lord knows I’ve tried!
I’m trying to eat healthy, take off a little weight, all that normal girl in her 40’s stuff. But I just can’t take it anymore!


I keep trying to find ways to trim the calorie counts and get the “white stuff” out of my diet but today was the last straw. I ruined my perfectly luxurious morning cup with the sugar substitute, “Stevia.” It turned a smooth, relaxing aftertaste into a long bitter bleeecckkkhhh! (I had to throw it down the sink and start all over again….sob.)

Does anyone out there in coffee-land have thoughts on this?
Until then, only the white stuff will do.

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  1. Shiu says:

    I’m not a good one to ask because I take my coffee black and unsweetened. I like to taste the coffee all on its own.

    Then again, no one should listen to me at all because I only drink decaf. LOL! You know me, I’m hyperactive WITHOUT caffeine. Sigh.

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