At Last My Arm is Complete!

Q: How can you tell when a good Mormon girl has gone completely  to the dark (roast) side?

A: By the amount of coffee paraphernalia she owns.

(…if my home teachers ever got in the front door, they’d know something is definitely “wrong” here.)

I finally broke down and purchased the last remaining piece of equipment to make my morning coffee perfect…a grinder! Honestly, it really does make a difference!

As of today, I now proudly own:

  • One very inexpensive but gets the job done coffee grinder
  • One Bodum French Press
  • One automatic drip coffee maker
  • One Bodum milk frother (although I’m really jonesing for a gadget that steams and froths at the same time)
  • One Italian stovetop espresso maker (although I did see a douple….)
  • One official Zabars coffee scoop
  • Two long teaspoons (thanks Mom for the perfect Christmas gift!) so I can stir to the bottom of my mug
  • A collection of lovely, gorgeous latte bowls from Anthropologie and Cafetiere

The coffee takes a while to make in the morning but I love the ritual; freshly grinding the beans, putting the kettle on, heating the milk, frothing….wait a minute! I don’t have a 4 minute coffee timer yet!!!

I guess today I’m just an A- geek. 🙂

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  1. Robin says:

    I think it’s wonderful that you think about making coffee for yourself as a ritual. One of the things I love about tea culture is the social ritual of it all; the British with their pausing in the afternoon for high tea or the Japanese with the tea ceremony. Going through the motion of making and serving tea, of serving others and reconnecting with those around us. What was lost in Western culture when women chucked the tea service and opted for soda pop?

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