A Barometric Espresso

Did you know you can actually predict the weather using an espresso machine? See, drinking coffee is incredibly useful!

So there I was, having my lovely latte when the fabulous Daniel (from Daniel’s Coffee Blog of fame) turned to the wonderful Aaron (owner of heaven…oh, I mean Ost Cafe) and predicted that it would rain in 30 minutes because of the way the espresso machine was behaving. (Validation for the purchase of my cute little new orange trench coat, thank you very much.)

I honestly thought Daniel was just having fun with everyone around him. You see, in jazz culture, people are always talkin’ smack at each other, pulling each other’s legs, and going off on wacky tangents just because. With that as my reference point, Daniel’s comment seemed like something my drummer would say. “Do they do this in coffee-talk?” I asked myself. Being a coffee virgin, I just had to inquire if he was serious.

Uh, the answer was “Yeah.” They were completely serious! What I loved was how passionate these guys were about their coffee! I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t catch it all and I hoped that they weren’t insulted when it took me a few minutes to realize they weren’t pulling my leg. It’s just so cool to see people be so passionate about something. The world needs more passionate people in it. The more they explained how the weather affected the grind of the coffee and how they would make adjustments to create the perfect cup, the more it made sense. After all, my piano gets a little wonky on humid days. I am excited to learn more…which is why later today I’m headed over to Intelligentsia for my first cupping under the fabulous Daniel’s instruction. I wonder what I will learn?

I know I definitely want to ask Daniel if there are other weather-like predictions he can make by espresso…like cricket infestations. I just wonder that if the early pioneers had been drinking properly made espressos, could they have been prepared instead of waiting for pesky seagulls to intervene?

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