Big Liars

This morning I am inclined to write about a subject not coffee related. There is a lot of press currently over HBO’s coming episode of Big Love where they depict a very sacred and private expression of Mormonism, one of their temple ceremonies. HBO apologizes…in advance for their offense. How transparent is that? Meaning, they knew exactly that what they were doing would offend and didn’t care.

Look, I’m a Mormon who is definitely in disagreement with many of the Mormon practices but there is a line of decency. This means something to this group of people. They hold it very dear and close to their hearts. It’s a very private and personal expression of their faith.

People get up on their stumps and start hollering, “Hey, it’s free speech, my constitutional right!” Yes, the constitution guarantees free speech. Does that mean we SHOULD say whatever we want? Our freedom of speech allows us the right to look at an overweight person and say, “Hey, you’re fat.” Should we? Our freedom of speech allows us the right to look at a Jewish person and say, “Hey, the Holocaust is just a big fabrication.” Should we? Whatever happened to common decency and caring about your fellow men?

HBO is full well within the rights of our Constitution to say what ever they want to say, to produce whatever they want, to depict whatever they want no matter how personal and sacred it is to an individual. But…does that make them honorable men and caring fellow citizens?

For those decent citizens who may not understand their Mormon neighbors but do understand and respect their fellow men, may I suggest you turn off your TV, head to your local coffee shop, get a great espresso, introduce yourself to someone new and learn all about them through having a lovely conversation. Now, I’m off to Intelligentsia to do just that!

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  1. Naomi says:

    Nicely said.

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