Flaming Espressos

It was truly tragic. My first committed purchase on the dark side went up in flames today…my espresso pot. Okay, so it wasn’t expensive. I remember being very thrifty when I bought it – more like I was very concerned that God would curse me with some tragic event because I’d purchased an espresso machine – therefore I would later be compelled by guilt and remorse to throw it away – so I really shouldn’t spend a fortune just in case I needed to dump it in the trash.  What can I say?  It was a cheap pot with a cheap plastic handle that couldn’t withstand the open flame on my gas burning stove.

My first clue that something wasn’t right was an unexpected smell – Hmn, my morning brew smells a little acrid today. This was followed by a – Wow, I don’t ever remember the handle twisted into such a fascinating shape. As the realization set in I remember thinking – POT HOLDER! POT HOLDER! –  Don’t burn yourself!  Finally, I began a little prayer – Please God!  Please help this poor little handle hold on long enough to get the espresso out of the pot and into my mug so I don’t have to go to Starbucks!

Miracles do happen.

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