Moderation – Day 1 (again)

Here’s the problem – on Saturday I’m traveling to the biggest coffee wasteland in the world – Utah. Not only will I be traveling there, but I’ll be staying for a whole week! A whole week with no coffee!!!  I’ve started the moderation plan (again) hoping my withdrawal symptoms won’t be so obvious.

Starbucks is my only hope…(sob.) (Please someone shoot me if Via starts to sound good.)

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  1. antiquarianbook says:

    We’ve got coffee, but you have to hunt for it. There’s Beany’s Espresso in AF, Cool Bean in Lehi, Art City Coffee in Springville, etc. Yes. I understand you don’t want to drive that far.

    All right how about:

    Guru’s – It’s on center street in Provo and has “organic” coffee . . . and food.

    Coffee Pod on Bulldog and State in Provo (North of thee hospital) opens at 5:30 am.

    Java Logic on 895 W Center Street in Orem (not sure about this one).

    And a few places like the Nordstron’s Cafe or the Borders bookstore.

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