Viennese Coffee Primer

I know I’ve not posted for a while. Lots of living getting in the way…all of it good!

But now I’ve exciting news (at least for me!) I’m off to Vienna in 4 weeks! By myself and just for fun! I was debating whether to return to Rome and spend a week drinking espresso at La Tazza D’oro. My only hesitation was – Italians don’t café sit like Parisians or New Yorkers – they drink their coffee standing at a counter with their neighbors. Normally I’m a big fan of this communal activaty but my plan for this vacation was to sit in cafés and watch people – kind of blend into the world and do nothing – become a flâneur – my adult version of “going boneless.”Knuffle Bunny

My friend Michelle suggested Vienna. When I opened my travel guide…I thought I’d died and gone to the celestial kingdom –  an entire section dedicated to Viennese coffee houses!!! The flight was booked so fast – you’d have thought I’d had a triple shot!

So for fun…here is my first primer on Viennese coffee. I plan on drinking every one  (okay not the ones with liquor – after all – it’s against my religeon.)

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