Buy a Stranger a Latte Today

Yesterday I bought a latte for the person in standing in line behind me.


My apologies for writing about a small, nice gesture, something I would prefer to keep private, except I want anyone who reads this go out to buy a latte for a stranger.

We are experiencing tough, emotional time in our country. We are so quick to dehumanize others. I believe that small gestures matter because they quickly impact the present and our circle of influence. If we can’t do anything about the big issues, at least we can do something for those around us.

Yesterday at Joe Coffee, the barista comped my drink. Because I was so touched by his gesture, I decided to pass it on and pay for the next customer, a mother with a small baby in arms. I had lingered at the counter a little longer than usual talking about jazz with the barista (a tenor player.) Maybe it was a tad of Mormon guilt because I delayed a busy mother while I chatted.

When the mother realized I had bought her coffee, she came up to me and almost cried. She told me how she had been having such a rough day and that this really meant a lot to her. Then I almost cried!

So – coffee drinkers – please, please, pleasego out and buy a stranger a latte today – or everyday if you can.

Let’s create a world where people perform small gestures of kindness everyday.

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