Welcoming A New Addition to Mormon Girl’s Coffee Family

I am pleased to announce the arrival of a new member to my little coffee family… My first pour over cup. 12 oz. cup, 30 grams (coffee), 350 grams (water – slightly off boil at 200 degrees) – a little brew of joy. Her siblings; French Press, automated drip, and espresso machine are delighted.  

If you fail to plan….

…plan to drink deli coffee. A tragic lack of planning on my way to the Crossfit box this morning. 

Caffeine Calculator

Oooo! I’ve found a caffeine calculator! Oops. I’m over the limit for today. But the good news…I still have 70 lattes to go before I’m in serious trouble! Caffeine Calculator  

Live Real, Drink Coffee

About 6 weeks ago, Joe and the Art of Coffee opened on the Upper West Side. It has become my daily habit to wake early and arrive just as they are opening, order a large cup of their featured coffee, and then sit, journal write, study Italian, do whatever strikes my fancy as a creative…