Celestial Kingdom Coffees

My reviews of truly God worthy coffees.

As of 2/28/09:

The best cup I can find in NYC currently is at Cafe Grumpy, their Guatemalan Nimac Kapeh. So far, this one rocks my world.

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  1. Judy says:

    OK, Only because you’re so cool…. Here’s my blend.

    Fairway Italian and French Roast
    Alberto’s Espresso

    Mix to your taste.

    (I can’t believe I told.)


  2. Mormon Coffee Lover says:

    I am also one of those mormon coffee drinkers! Just recently Cafe Grumpy of New York City opened an online store so you can buy their coffee beans online and have them shipped to your house! You can get ahold of their amazing coffee beans at http://www.cafegrumpy.com and click on their online store. Currently they do not have Nimac Kapeh (Guatemala) but they have many other assortments of coffee blends 🙂

    P.S. Your blog is AMAZING! I discovered the Coffee Pod in Provo, UT because of you!

    1. DeSpanish says:

      Wow! Thanks for making my morning. I’ve been thinking of taking down this blog. Just so busy with my other projects (music) but I may rethink this. Glad you’ve discovered Coffee Pod! And anything you get from Grumpy will be fabulous. They’re roasting their own beans now. Thanks again and Happy New Year (I’m toasting you with a latte.)

      Mormon Girl

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