Desecration in the Temple (… coffee shop)

This morning was incredibly disturbing. I was sitting in my favorite cafe having my morning coffee when in walks this woman (at 7:30 am mind you) YAPPING into her cell phone! Am I the only one who is aghast at this? Coffee shops are where people go to TALK TO each other or quietly think.

There are only two types of conversations ever held over cell phone. One is the boorish business executive who loudly conducts business hoping every one will hear how important he is. The other is the harridan who nags at the person on the other end of the line, airing all their dirty laundry inappropriately for the world to hear. I’m increasingly confused by this type of conversation. What type of idiot actually stays on the phone with these people?

Well, it’s this piece of work that took up residence right next to me this morning. You know she’s not a real coffee drinker because  she isn’t savoring anything. C’mon! She’s spilling her latte all over the table.

Frankly, I just wanted to pour a whole cup of Starbucks on her head. I betcha she’d melt and the Wizard would grant my wish – Which is that all people who talk on their cell phones in a coffee shop should melt.

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